VOIP Gateway

A gateway is a router that stops the data on its way from one network to the other. These gateways are so useful that with the help of these we are able to communicate and send data back and forth. In fact, these are indispensable elements for the internet as well as networking.

At Hubris Technologies, we provide different types of gateways and these include FXS gateways, FXO gateways, analog to IP gateway, GSM gateways, PRI Gateway, VOIP Gateway, and analog to digital converter and all of these have different functions as well as features. Based on the kind of company these gateways serve a different purpose.

When in a company, a gateway is that computer that connects traffic from a workstation to the outside network that serves up the web pages whereas, for a normal internet connection at home, a gateway is that Internet Service Provider that gives the user access to the internet. When a computer server acts as a gateway, it also works as a proxy server. It keeps out unwanted outsiders and traffic. It is a proxy server that makes use of audio code and serves the network. At the same time, it also handles online data requests