We are a prominent company in the telecommunication industry that delivers exclusive Zycoo IPPBX to customers in India. We are dedicated to offering the best consumer services in Enterprises, Corporate sectors, and numerous industries. Established in the year 2009, we are recognized as a top-ranking company in such a short span of time. The intention behind our instigation was to serve our precious clients with utmost competency, best quality, and advanced Zycoo IPPBX worldwide as a Zycoo India Partner.

An IPPBX is a personal branch switch over that exchanges calls between VoIP users on local lines whilst permitting every user to share an assured number of outside lines. This distinctive IP PBX can also exchange calls among a VoIP user and a conventional telephone user or among two traditional users in the like way that a usual internet-based PBX system does. Our VoIP PBX are exclusive in quality and comprise many qualities, some of them are stated below:

Encompasses single or dual earpiece headband 
Have an option of soft leatherette or foam ear cushion to provide you comfort 
You can also employ for them PC games, music and internet phone 
Fast disconnect Jack with integral mute button 
They are long-lasting and very lightweight 
Attached to them is a flexible metal mic boom. 
Pick-up pattern: provides ultra noise cancellation.

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