WiFi IP Phones

DXP 48

3 SIP account Wifi Phone 3 line button 5....

Dasscom Wi-Fi SIP phones are built specifically for the Wi-Fi network environment, it’s a high-end business IP phone series that support IPV4/IPV6. It is depth to optimize SIP and Wi-Fi protocols for Wi-Fi network features and real-time voice, ensuring the quality and stability of voice calls in the Wi-Fi environment. It has both 2.4G + 5.8G dual-band dual-antenna models support 802.11AC protocol and 2.4G models that support 802.11n protocol for a variety of Wi-Fi environments. Designed by “ HD voice, super hands-free, delicate details and innovative appearance”. Support 5-9 party conference, higher level of ZRTP encryption, WAN & LAN automatic provision. Dasscom Wi-Fi phone is the unique sip phone model in the market that is massively deployed to a wide range of corporate users and has earned the acclaim of many users for its good user experience.