HUBRIS TECHNOLOGIES is the leading company in providing elite IP phones to our consumers. Our company is committed to providing the best consumer services regarding Telecommunication to accomplish the necessities of Enterprises, Corporate sectors, and various industries. We were established in the year 2007 with an intention to offer ultimate customary proficiency, enhanced quality, and the best VOIP phones to the whole world. A VOIP phone is a very specific type of phone that is required for the implementation of an IP telephone system in any business. This is a special kind of device that is crafted to maintain the communication of voice above the internet or Voice over Internet Protocol technology, commonly called VoIP

An IP Phone uses Voice over IP (VOIP Phone or VOIP telephone) technologies for transmitting and placing telephone calls over an IP network, like the internet in place of traditional Public Switched Telephone Network i.e. PSTN. A Digital IP-based telephone service uses control protocols such as the Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP Phone), or other proprietary protocols. The most popular of these phones are supported by 3CX, Asterix, Elastix and all major SIP-supported IPPBX platforms.

The basic strategy on which an IP phone works means having phone calls routed over the internet or Local Area Network i.e. LAN. Using this has many advantages, one of them being, you do not have to use telephone network of your telephone service provider for making calls, which means you no more have to spend money on phone calls. This can be used as an international calling phone as well. Moreover, there are many technical benefits that you may have by using IP technology for your telephone.

Hubris provides every type of SIP telephone and IP phone. Also, for the ease of the customers, various calling plans are offered by us. In addition, it always behaves the same way, no matter where you take it and plug it, even if it is on an isolated island. Hubris has a wide range of brands like atcom IP phones, grandstream IP phones, gxp IP phones, yealink IP phones, and more.

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Hubris has wide ranges of IP Phones as below:

  •     SIP Phones.
  •     Wifi IP Phones.
  •     Gigabyte VoIP Phones.
  •     Color Display Phones.
  •     Entry-Level Phones.
  •     Executive Level Phones.
  •     Manager Level Phones.
  •     1SIP, 2 SIP, 4 SIP, 6 SIP IP phones.
  •     POE VOIP Phones.
  •     Non-POE VOIP Phones.
  •     Call Center IP phones
  •     HD Quality VoIP Phones