Video Phones

Hubris India is the foremost company of Telecommunication that provides a sophisticated business solution with new customary technology that assists this industry in accelerating, amplifying their competence, and obtaining utmost profits. We have highly advanced video phones in our stores for our respected customers to make their life unproblematic and relaxed. IP Video phones are the contemporary gadgets that encompass the technology for the reception and transmission of audio-video waves by consumers at unlike places; for phone call connecting people in concurrent time. With the modern technique, this quality permits two people with 3G video phones to converse with each other while observing 2-way live videos of each other. Some of our video IP phones also have a camera that revolves to face the user for video calling, and it can face out for capturing photos. Other VOIP video phones comprise two cameras one facing in and facing out. We have two world-class models for our treasured customers; one is GXV 3140 that unites superior technology to facilitate free video and voice calling globally with just one connection. The other famous model Fanvil C6005 symbolizes the future special IP multimedia communication. These gadgets have striking video quality, captivating user interface with attractive details. We offer a multitude of specialized services to our clients in order to satisfy their particular business necessities.