Zycoo is an international brand that is incorporated to design and manufacture the best Voice over IP based internet telephony systems. Their steadfast research and development team has made the brand number one globally in data networking products, IPPBX, intercom systems and IP phone systems. And it caters services to small and large industries and other internet telephony service providers.

Hubris India is a committed Importer of Zycoo brand products with the sole motive of benefiting our clients with the best telecommunication products and applications. The brand’s bigger vision is to proffer unified communication to enterprises and call centres. Although the brand is more inclined in adapting to the latest technological innovations such as VOIP PBX instead of EPAPBX, they are, however, very cost-effective; thereby successfully strengthening their name even in the smallest of niches. The IP PBX is a private branch exchange that enables users to switch calls between traditional phones and VoIP effortlessly. It is advantageous because it works with a voice network and converged data and hence gives us ultimate flexibility.

Zycoo Brand specialises in devising different office communication systems such as enterprise gateway, wireless communication, IP Phone, Office software, all in one IP PBX and enterprise SBC.

The prominent industry that is targeted by Hubrisindia is the call centre and contact centre industry and the ultimate factor that enables this market sector to thrive in the industry is by conforming to seamless and faultless telecommunication. The heart of any call centre lies in its communication network.

Zycoo is no different in its acquiring its goal to bring in the vast communication network with its unique product line and respective features; a few of them includes Internet or VPN support Interoffice calls, Smart FoIP, efficient incoming call extension facility, configurable voice menus, IP phone HD assurance, multi-user conference calls, lightweight, easy to deploy and maintain and comes with sharable Ethernet port.