The Brand Grandstream is one of world’s complete solution providers pertaining to IP phones, voip phones and video telephony. Incorporated in 2002, Grandstream has paved its way to being in the top 20 list of best SIP Unified Communication Solution provider for telecommunication industries. Grandstream headphones today are known for their unique noise cancellation technique and excellent call centre headsets designs.

Grandstream IP Phones are available at established global distribution channels, Hubrisindia being one among them. Grandstream products help call centres and BPO industries to, with their innovative and flexible features and cost effective product ranges, be more productive and competitive than before. Telecommunication today has grown into a heaving industry where each stepping stone is upturned by mending through heavy competition. Grandstream challenges their encounters with their superior quality VoIPs and data and mobility service and solutions that offer broad interoperability in the entire communication industry.

Although, the brand is headquartered in Boston, it has able to create a strong and striving threshold in other parts of the international market as well. The brand is renowned worldwide for its quality and innovative product line.

Moving forward to the product line, Grandstream has developed and launched over 50 designs of IP communication products highly compatible with any modern IT infrastructure. Each product model is designed to provide best price- performance service and lets clients have fully leveraged benefits of VoIP broadband network. Grandstream IP Phone ranges can be easily managed through web based GUIs and supports an array of voice codecs.

Whether you are looking for international standard business conferencing or a fully-fledged IP Video Surveillance or planning to network your entire work force through extended   IP connections, Grandstream has everything and anything in their store which can be easily availed at Hubrisindia now. The notable products under the brand include IP voice telephony, SIP cameras, business video conferencing solutions, video phones and video surveillance, ATAs and FXS and FXOs Gateways and IP PBXs.