Feel safe and secure with video door phones

Feel safe and secure with video door phones

What is a Video door phone?


Video door phones are 2-way communication devices that allow users to see and talk with their visitors from a remote location. They are mainly installed at the main entrance of homes and offices. The system is made up of an Indoor Monitor or Intercom, which is installed inside the home, and an Outdoor Station consisting of a Camera, Speaker and microphone, which is placed at the main entrance.


Video door phones are gaining popularity in India as they offer a safe and more convenient way to communicate with those at the door and allow access to the premises.


These days, with the advancement of technology and an increase in the number of threats, it has become very important to secure your home. Whether you live in a villa or an apartment, you should make sure that your home is safe from unwanted guests. The best way to ensure that your home is safe is by using a video phone. A videophone will help you to see who is at 

your door without actually opening it.


Why do you need a Video door phone?


If you live in an area where crime is high, a door phone could help keep your home safe. When someone rings the bell, you can see who is there and assess whether or not you want to let them in. If it’s someone you don’t know or don’t recognize, you can ignore the call or pretend that nobody is home by not answering.


They are ideal for all types of residential units and small offices as they allow you to see and talk to the visitors before opening the door or gate. Video door phone systems come with a camera that is usually fixed outside the building close to the main entrance. The camera captures the image of the person standing in front of the door and sends it over a dedicated cable to a monitor inside the house or office.


Why have Hubris India products?


The design of these phones is very simple and clear. The products are made from high-quality materials that have a long-term service life.


These video phones provide extra security and an increased feeling of safety. They are turning into essential gadgets for home safety. It enables you to screen the individual outside your home before opening the entryway. The video and sound quality are very good, giving a clear picture of the individual without fail.


These phones also help avoid unwanted visitors who could be burglars or anti-social elements. This is because homeowners can safely check who is at their doorstep without having to open it for them.