Alternatives of Vonia Headsets for enhanced audio quality and comfort

Alternatives of Vonia Headsets for enhanced audio quality and comfort

Good headsets enhance employee efficiency. They are designed to improve agents’ productivity by offering comfort, flexibility, and a clear understanding of the customer’s message. While Vonia headsets lead the market, Dasscom and Freemate are the brands of the future.

Dasscom & Freemate are the two next-generation brands that have proven themselves in the industry and Indian market. In this blog, we will learn how these two options are better:

Noise-cancellation feature

The headsets from Dasscom and Freemate have an ultra-noise-canceling microphone that eliminates the background voice during a conversation.  With background sound settled, the rep can easily focus on the customer’s message and provide quick solutions.

Premium Audio

Dasscom and Freemate are advanced tech brands with a focus on bringing top-notch technology to customers. The headsets from these brands come with a highly efficient audio system ensuring natural conversation with customers. Because the audio is always clear, the representative feels less listening fatigue.

Sound protection

To protect the representative from unwanted exposure to loud noises, these headsets protect sounds above 118 dB. Unlike Vonia, the tech is an in-built feature and offers 360-degree protection.


User comfort is the top consideration when buying headsets. These headsets are designed to fit an average-sized head easily. Also, the headband is adjustable and hence can be customized for any size and type of head for extra comfort. The weight is ideal to prevent discomfort from wearing heavy headsets for a long time.


Thoughtful and reinforced design make the headsets from Freemate and Dasscom last longer even with rough usage.


Dasscom & Freemate offer better quality at an ultra-reasonable price and can save you money. Compatible with the majority of operating systems, the headsets are crafted for every business that values its money.

Audio Quality is integral to call center success and our headsets promise to raise it by several notches. The alternates for Vonia headsets available at Hubris Technologies make modern tech accessible for all kinds of businesses. Invest in the best headsets for call centers and accessories and make a mindful business investment in 2023.