Headsets for AVAYA IP Phones

Launching new series of Headsets for AVAYA IP phones only at Hubris! Avaya and Hubris has collaborated to deliver the best headsets for IP phones in the market with exclusive features and expertise.
Headsets for Avaya IP phones come in both wired and corded versions. Designed with finest technology, these headsets series are professionally constructed to enhance the audio input and output in finest of ways. Premeditated to optimize communication and user interface and programmed to connect IP Phones through USB cords and latest wireless technology.
• Noise Cancellation and Noise Black out option
• Wireless Headsets with long lasting battery charge (approx 12 hours max)
• Can be connected to mobile phones
• Cost effective
• Suitable for office environment
• Supports DECT 1.8 std wireless technology
• Direct connectivity
• Provision for conference calls
• Remote call control, Now you can answer and end call directly from the device
• Charge Indicator (wireless). Prompt notification when the battery is low
• Enhanced Dual connectivity
• Mute option and volume options
• Highest Bluetooth connectivity
Avaya Headsets for IP phones by Hubris has easy installation facilities that are easy to use by the user with no difficulty.

Headsets for CISCO IP Phones

CISCO IP Phones are best in the market and vendors only who have the core know how of the IP Phones can develop suitable headsets for CISCO unified phones. Finding a Third party vendor for CISCO is a tough job as hardly few can meet their standards. HubrisIndia has crossed yet another milestone; now they are CISCO certified vendor to sell Headsets for IP Phones.
HubrisIndia offers headsets, both wired and wireless for all the series of Cisco IP phones with enhanced audio quality by adopting supreme expertise.
• Dual Connectivity
• Two unique wearing styles – Over and behind
• Soft ear buds and pads keeping the health factor at par
• Bluetooth and DECT(Digital European Cordless Telecommunications) technology (wireless)
• Premium accessories
• Cost efficient
• UX rich
• User friendly, easy to install and operate
• Various Eye catchy models
• Long lasting battery charge (up to 10 hours)
• Highest compatibility (can connect with most of the CISCO IP phones)
• Enhanced Voice Clarity (Noise reduction and blackout technology)
• Latest wireless technology where you can answer and end calls from a diameter of 350 feet
• Maximum comfort when making long calls

Difference between IPPBX and EPABX

IP PBX can increase the work flow of your company, reduce the cost and increase the quality. It can not only affect positively to an emerging corporate but can also help to establish an ongoing business process tremendously. Few of the notable advantages of IP PBX over EPabx are as follows;
1. Easier installing and configuring procedure
An IP PBX is software running on computers which has higher influence over the processing system of the computer, the user interface and the windows OS of the computer. IP PBX can be installed and configured by any knowledgeable member of the IT. In comparison, a proprietary phone can only be installed by experts of proprietary phone and not by any ITian.
2. Web/GUI based configuration interface helps the managing easier
You can now maintain and run your phone system smoothly with IP PBX administered by via a web-based configuration interface or a GUI while proprietary phones has difficult user interfaces that can be handled only by proficient of that field.
3. Cost effective VOIP providers
Long distance, international calls can be made easy through VOIP service provider in an IP PBX. This is cost effective because, in case of having several branches of your company, you can now use one center VOIP connection to connect with the other branches and make free calls within them.
4. Wireless Connection
You can connect hardware phones to the standard network computer port with an IP PBX, which further connects to the adjacent system. The phone software can be installed in the pc directly thereby eliminating the additional phone wiring and extra ports and hubs.
5. No vendor Lock-In
There is no vendor lock-in with IP PBX as it is based on SIP. With the help of IP PBX, you can now relate any SIP hardware or software phone with any SIP-based IP PBX, PSTN Gateway or VOIP provider which is not possible in an ordinary proprietary phone.
6. Durable and emergent
Normal phone system can easily become obsolete. You have to keep including extensions and additional lines and sometimes install an entire new system. But an IP PBX can be handled by a standard computer with perfect ease. An extra phone would do wonders.
7. Fine Service and better productivity
The IP PBX is super computer software which helps you add and eliminate resources faster than a normal telephonic system. And moreover, you can integrate the system and application significantly thereby improving client- business relationship and provide more efficient service.
8. Reduction in cost by half
Since, the IP PBX is software, it becomes significantly easier for developers to upgrade and degrade the programs without much resources. When compared to proprietary phones, VOIP phones upgrading is cheaper as it has in – built auto attendant, ring groups, reporting, voice mail, etc which lacks in proprietary phones.
9. Hot Desking and Roaming and Extension Feature
Hot desking is a process which relocates and repositions the entire office depending upon a project. With IP PBX system, this can be done effortlessly. But in normal telephonic connection new patch work and extensions and plug – in are required which consumes time and resources.
Roaming here refers to the process of ‘work from home’. Sometimes employees might prefer to work at another location with the same network and phone connection. With IP PBX it is simply manageable as the IP software has to be just configured and extended to the new location.
10. SIP Phones: more efficient and effective
Sometimes advance technology complexes the task at hand. A simple task like transferring a call or call conference can be tedious and multifaceted. But with IP PBX, every process is made user friendly and efficient. From receiving an overview of the entire operation of the system to generating status of the inbound and outbound reports, everything can be obtained in no time.
11. Easy mobility
Now connecting – removing and reconnecting of phones to the server is much quicker and uncomplicated. You do not have to wait for a technician to fit in the phone from one place to another and wait for another few days to get it activated.
With IP PBX, the phones can be moved from one connection to another within few moments and the connection to the server can be generated immediately as the entire system is IP based.
12. Better communication and understanding
Now with the help of IP PBX, you can go through your voice recordings in your Outlook Messaging, view PDFs more sufficiently. Also, if you plan to integrate CRM with this, the process outcome will be magnifying.
13. One Connection – many branches
VOIP providers can be added to many systems through an internet connection and a Hub. This reduces money resources radically as hardware cost is nil.
14. Connecting VOIP through SIP trucking lessen cost and increases productivity
International call cost, phone bills and call cost altogether can be reduced if you SIP trunking with an in house IP-PBX.
15. Better and more Options to choose from
Now you can avail better options with IP PBX. The companies building their IP through Asterisk IP-PBXs have additional benefits. The prices are even lower and the hardware is neutral to the vendors.

How to Setup Call Center in India

Before setting up a perfect call center with an efficient Quality Management System, you have to keep these three things in mind:
1. A compelling International or Domestic process should be running sufficiently
2. You have to undergo a process analysis and reflect on the organization structure
3. In case of Domestic call center, inbound process and outbound process should be taken under consideration
Domestic Call Center
How to set up an inbound process
A. A toll free number (1800) must be acquired from any telecommunication network. If not for toll free number, then a separate CDMA/GSM connection can be obtained
B. GSM connection should have a separate GSM Gateway (Hardware). A GSM connection also needs an additional dialer set up for the call center
C. In case of a toll free PRI connection, you have to take up a PRI card along with the regular dialer set up. In addition to this, hardware such as Server, PC’s, IP Phones (ATCOM Brand), USB Headsets (Dasscom and Freemate Brand), FXS gateways, headsets and dial pads should also be installed.
D. A well established bandwidth is a must.
How to set up an outbound process
A. For outbound process, employees have to make calls to the clients. You can either opt for landline number or mobile phone to do so. In GSM Gateway, landline calling is cheaper.
B. In case of landline connection, you have to ask for a PSTN line or a PRI line from Telecom Company along with a digital PRI Card Server. The number of hardware will be depended on the agents working for the process
C. A GSM-FXO Gateway (supporting 4 to 32 Mobile Sims) has to be installed for a GSM no. PRI card server is not needed for GSM connection. Otherwise, the installation process is same as Landline connection.
D. A well established bandwidth is a must.

International Call Center
How to set up an inbound process
A. You should acquire a international toll free number (from US, UK, Australia or/and the any other countries you are planning to work with)
B. A local connection is not required but a well established leased line and bandwidth is must
C. It is advisable to set up dialer connection with Noise Cancellation Headsets (preferred Brand Dasscom and Freemate). If you opt for a cloud computing, then you can go for IP phones with headsets. Brand preferred here is ATCOM.
How to set up an outbound process
A. To make international calls, a VOIP Minutes is a requisite. VOIP minutes are a prepaid connection just like normal prepaid network. In India, you have quite a few well known telecom networks who offer viable VOIP Minutes.
B. Thereafter, you can either choose for dialer connection with Noise Cancellation Headsets (preferred Brand Dasscom and Freemate) or IP phones with ATCOM headsets.
In addition to the above, you should also keep in mind that a proper and high quality structured cabling is a primary mandatory.